Help us raise 10k for athlete mental health.

Get or gift the candle now and unite your light.


Let's Light
Our Candle

We’re on a mission to raise money and awareness for athlete mental health via a custom-scented candle with athlete-produced artwork as the label. Net proceeds will be donated to The Hidden Opponent + The Dinner Party.

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Join us online
March 27

Join us in discussing the mental health challenges that the athlete community face today through:

– 3 Roundtable discussions with athletes, health care providers and coaches + staff

– Community candle lighting experience

– Exclusive Q & A

– Resources and merchandise at sponsored Expo Booths

More information coming soon!


by Mikaela Brewer

In the uncertainty of the wind,

light me when you flicker;

when you see a flicker dim;

and when you see a flicker burn bare.

Because uniting even the faintest of flickers

creates a path

that we can only find & follow

when we see each other’s flame


Thank you to our 2022 sponsors
for talking about mental health